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Five super fun activities for kids — by kids!

Apr 02 2020

Around here, we like to think the simple things are sometimes the best things — especially when it comes to having fun. While we're all spending time at-home, we thought: Who better to ask about awesome activities for kids than an actual Super Kid. We sent a note to Elizabeth Perez, the super cool Southlake mom, whose daughter Abigail Perez wrote "How to be a Super Kid." What were Abigail and her siblings doing for fun, we asked. The responses were, well, super. Here, five Super Tips for having fun with kiddos at-home.

1. Learn a new skill! We enjoy learning how to skateboard on our driveway. We also like learning new dances virtually! 

2. Exercise your mind! We love a good Rubix cube challenge. 

3. Spread joy and celebrate others! We use sidewalk chalk to leave encouraging messages on our sidewalk — and we love celebrating birthdays. We had a virtual birthday party through Camp stores to celebrate our sister's birthday and recorded a virtual birthday dance party for our Aunt in North Carolina.

4. Find creative ways to document this historic time. We take pictures, videos and journal to document this unique time of our life. I enjoy turning my affirmations into art.

5. Stay connected! We use apps like MarcoPolo to keep our friends updated and we send them fun challenges they can do while they are at home. For example, we asked them to draw, paint or color their best owl! We'd love pass that challenge to you! Show us your best owl!

The Perez Family

Bonus Market Tip from Mom: Another fun thing we love doing with our kids is recording a mini piano concert for some of our beloved senior friends like Westlake's own Kelly and Scott Bradley. It really helps us stay connected and creative!


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